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Laminar Flow Systems (LFS) is a Hyderabad based organization offering a complete range of products and services in the clean air industry to suite the requirement of Medical, Semiconductor, Bio-Medical/Technology, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages  industries.

Laminar Flow Systems personnel has a very vast experience in this field for the past two decades and has a very dedicated team of technical personnel who are involved in research, design and new products development to the total satisfaction of our elite Clients.

As acknowledged leaders through excellence in contamination control field, Laminar Flow Systems has always set the pace and meets the international standards in the industry. Our ongoing research has always ensured our equipments to meet U.S Federal standards and ISO standards.

Each and every Laminar Flow Systems equipment and systems strengthens our already enviable reputation for technical excellence, dependability, integrity, strict adherence to high standards of quality and workmanship as well as to the agreed schedules.

LFS has given vital consideration towards the latest state of art in the contamination control systems and also to the life of HEPA filters in the laminar air flow equipment. The air will travel through three configurations of filters viz. 10 , 5 and finally through 0.3. Hence the HEPA filters life in Laminar Flow Systems equipment will be at least one year ahead than any reputed manufacturer of the similar system.

LFS equipments and systems are subjected to a series of tests for different parameters like dust particle count, filer seal, velocity, vibration, noise level, light intensity and efficiency etc.
Along with the goods, a set of manuals for operating the system / equipment, IQ / PQ documentation, Test certificates and warranty card will be submitted. Also onsite requests of client for easy operation will be provided.

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